Benefits of recycling
Recycling has some very evident and noticeable benefits and contributions to the environment and humankind as well:
  • Recycling helps reduce waste : Recycling is a major contributor to the reduction of waste materials and hence to the need of waste disposal, a major contributor to pollution. The waste disposal process entails massive levels of pollution and wastage of very valuable resources. Hence Recycling is a major instrument in the preservation of the environment.
  • Recycling contributes to the preservation of resources : Valuable and scarce resources such as minerals, metals, glass etc. can be converted into new products after the use of their earlier commodities is exhausted. This alleviates the burden on the environment to meet the ever increasing demands and on the resource extraction processes.
  • Recycling contributes to conservation of Energy : Recycling and secondary production processes do not require as much energy resources as the primary extraction and production processes do. Hence, recycling helps to conserve the precious fuel and energy resources by mitigating energy consumption without compromising on the commodities and needs.
  • Recycling generates employment opportunities : Recycling opens an entirely new field of work and job opportunities for the people. All the steps in the process of recycling from waste collection, transportation, segregation, dismantling, conversion into new products and final dispatch to the people, require some amount of workforce. Hence, recycling opens up a gamut of job opportunities for the people.
  • Recycling is a boon to the economy : Recycling is the production of goods and commodities, but in a very cost-effective manner. Reduced costs of production, bypass of resource extraction and waste disposal costs, the conservation of energy and the eventual creation of many new jobs and employment opportunities, altogether contribute to an efficient and stable economy.
From the above arguments, it is needless to say more to express the importance and contributions of Recycling in the present day scenario of rampant resource scarcities and environmental degradation. Recycling can be thought of as a vital link in the industrial and manufacturing sectors of the world economy. A link, aiming to bridge the gap between the production of goods and the requirement of goods in the world, in an eco-friendly manner, with the aim to fulfill human desires without compromising on our environment.