HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE was established in the year 1991, our specialty is selling authentic computer parts at a low price .Our reputation grew quickly as customers received lower prices, faster service and higher quality in our new workshop.
Hitech computer centre is a leading retailer of used and refurbished business and enterprise class computer server and networking hardware in Chennai.
We specialize in used and refurbished major Brands like HP ProLiant, Dell Power Edge and IBM servers, workstations and desktop PC's. Our combination of low-prices, industry leading brands and dedicated customer service provides a unique opportunity for customers to economize their IT budgets without compromise.
We serve with the aim of providing business and enterprise class I.T hardware; On-time, On-spec and On-budget.
With customer satisfaction being the cornerstone of our business we are constantly upgrading our systems to better serve our growing client base, listening to customer feedback and implementing changes where necessary to ensure exceptional service for every transaction.
We'll be the first to admit that we're not yet perfect but striving for perfection which will help us serve you better.

The Industry

            Refurbished servers and networking equipment save you money that can go towards everything else you need to keep your business running efficiently. There's no reason to spend your entire IT budget on equipment you could be getting for a fraction of the price. With us you can get the equipment you need at a good price and good quality. It's that simple.
Not only do we offer reliability and flexibility in catering to your specific needs, from sourcing to customization, but we also offer prices lower than anywhere else in the market. If you're looking for used computers, affordable and uncompromising quality. We bundle our low prices with high quality and the best service we can offer. We get you what you need, when you need it, at the most competitive price and highest quality.
We'll go far to see to it that you're efficiently getting what you need. We source the best products available so that we can promise the highest quality in every product we offer, and we offer numerous options for customization so you can get exactly what you need to serve your specific requirements and get the job done. Before we send out any product, we perform industry-standard tests to assure high performance.
There's no need to worry about going over your IT budget with a refurbished computers, server and networking equipments.
By purchasing pre-owned and used IT equipment, you are supporting the environmental objective which is Reduce, Recycle & Reuse and at the same time assisting your company to meet its environmental targets.

Our product

            We stock genuine refurbished and pulled parts for Servers, Desktops, and Notebooks from various OEMs including Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, DEC, Kingston, and more. With literally thousands of new, used and refurbished computer parts to choose from you will definitely find what you are looking for. Search by well known manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, or Micron; by part number to locate the exact computer parts you need, or by category to find used memory, refurbished video cards, or a like new LCD monitor. If you're looking for refurbished, new or used computer parts, you're at the right place. Used and refurbished equipment typically costs 50% to 80% less than the original market price, providing immediate and effective cost saving in maintaining and supporting infrastructure.
We provide strategic and commercial planning for the sourcing and procurement of large and ongoing secondary market spares requirement. By leveraging our buying power, knowledge of product availability and market sources we maximize our customer's competitive advantage and minimize supply chain costs for genuine higher quality products.
We know you're busy. You don't have time to waste on dealing with short-sighted salespeople without solid customer service, product support and guaranteed delivery dates. Whether your business is a two-man project on a tight budget, or a huge corporation looking to cut costs across the board – we'll make it a priority to ensure we not only support you, but equip you. Our clients are loyal because we're loyal. We're committed to our relationship with you for the long haul. Just give us a call. One of our passionate customer service staff or salespeople would love to tell you themselves an alternative source to OEM supply and avoids the necessity for customers to enter into long term or captive contracts. We use sophisticated inventory profiling techniques to ensure our stock is aligned to our customer's current and future network expansion requirements.

Our Clients

             Most of the our clients are educational institutions, those who provide quality education at affordable fees structure .Instead of keeping latest computers in minimum numbers we give more numbers of used computers that is more than enough to learn all latest software packages with minimum maintenance cost . schools,polytechnics,arts and science colleges, engineering colleges, bpo's, software companies and those who are doing annual maintenance contracts are our major customers.